Real Estate Corner

The Real Estate Corner at Senior Matters was designed to match homeowners who have owned their homes for ten years or more with an agent that specializes in their area and understands the emotions of selling a home that has been an integral part of their lives and family. Choosing the right agent who understands this emotional detachment is critical as they enter the next phase in their lives and leave behind memories. The right agent can guide them through this transition and make moving so much easier. An agent who is respectful, compassionate, and at times holds people’s hands through this transition.

Whether you are a buyer or seller who may be moving to a one story home, a 55 and older community, or even just transitioning into a next phase of life, look to the experienced real estate agents of the Real Estate Corner at Senior Matters. Each of these agents is at the top of their field, active in their communities, and has earned the trust of Senior Matters.